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The Serpentine whip is comparable to a nylon, performance hybrid stock whip in appearance and performance. This casted rubber whip, derives it’s easy handling, from the proven designs of the hybrid stock whips made by Whips and What Knots. We offer this whip in 3.5 and 4.5 feet, and a variety of colors. The synthetic composition allows for virtually no maintenance and can be used in practically any weather conditions.

*These whips are made to order,  you may have to wait up to 12 weeks for your whip to be made.

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Black 3.5 foot, Black 4.5 foot, Blue 3.5 foot, Blue 4.5 foot, Brown 3.5 foot, Brown 4.5 foot, Green 3.5 foot, Green 4.5 foot, Purple, Purple 3.5 foot, Purple 4.5 foot, Red 3.5 foot, Red 4.5 foot, Yellow 3.5 foot, Yellow 4.5 foot

2 reviews for Serpentine Whip

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    John Davis

    Wow!!! I just got my matching Serpentine whips and can not be more pleased. Unlike most whips they didn’t need a break in period, and the action was smooth and the cracks were loud! Well Done!! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THE SERPENTINE WHIP!!

  2. Rated 4 out of 5

    Ambrose (verified owner)

    This isn’t the same thing as a hide or synthetic braided whip. None the less, it is a very legitimate tool in it’s own right. The obvious advantage is the price. One of the less obvious advantages is the relative indestructibility of this thing. Use it in the rain, If it’s hot go play in the creek, let the horse step on it. If it’s dirty leave it in the bed of your truck when you go through the car wash. I expect it would survive all of that. Another advantage is that there is no break-in to do. A third not-so-obvious advantage is that any two or any ten whips from the same batch can be expected to throw exactly the same.
    To be sure, it does not throw the same as a hide whip or a synthetic whip, but the adjustment is not a huge one. If you are used to a well broken-in whip (one that throws the same regardless of which side is facing you) then the only difference is the stretch. That would take some small amount of work to master – if it were necessary to master it. For a lot of applications the stretch will make no difference at all. This is a fairly heavy whip that cracks easily and throws without any twist – unless I twist it. It doesn’t carry the mystique of a kangaroo hide whip, but as a functional tool it is the equal in almost every respect.

    • whipsandwhatknots

      Thank you for your review. Yes these are very durable whips however we really don’t recommend neglecting your whip if it can be helped. And yes you can use this whip in the rain that is defiantly the advantage of having any synthetic whip. We love our Serpentine whips because of the price point and being able to make a good quality whip for anyone who would like to get into whip cracking without breaking the bank. I’m glad you are enjoying your whip and appreciate your feedback.

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