About Us

With the current price of whips on the rise, a lot of people might be wondering how they can get involved in the exciting sport of whip cracking. The majority of whips available to the public, cost from $100 to $400 or more.  Such high prices can be frustrating for some who wish to get involved without committing to such a steep price tag.  For those seeking to enjoy the sport of whip cracking at an affordable price the Serpentine whip is the answer.

The Serpentine whip is comparable to a nylon, performance hybrid stock whip in appearance and performance. This casted rubber whip, derives it’s easy handling, from the proven designs of the  hybrid stock whips made by Whips and What Knots. We offer this whip in a variety of colors.  The handles measures approximately 15 inches.  The thong of the whip (including the fall) is approximately five feet. Its synthetic composition allows for virtually no maintenance and can be used in practically any weather conditions.

Here is a demonstration, by Adam Winrich, of what the Serpentine Whip can do!